Integrate your referral code & share candidates

1. Go to the Advanced field (in Settings) and enable Canned Responses (Templates).

2a. Create a new message with your referral text (including your referral code). 

3. Start a new message. Click More options (three dots) and choose Canned responses. Select your referral template to import it to the message.

2b. Click the More options (three dots) in the toolbar at the bottom of the message (next to the Discard draft button)

2c. From the menu, choose Canned responses and then New canned response. Name your Template, e.g. "Referral".

Create a hyperlink for your referral code

1. Start a new message and click on the Insert Link button.

2. Insert your MoBerries referral code in the Web address section and edit the Text to display field.

1. Head over to your MoBerries dashboard and scroll down to Candidate Referrals. Copy your referral code (URL for invites).

Access your MoBerries referral code & e-mail template

2. Click on the E-mail template to access our suggested text. You are welcome to tailor it to match your employer branding. Make sure your personal referral link is integrated, so we know which candidates were referred by you.

3. You can now send the template to your unneeded candidates!

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